Drupal 7.26

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Hi, Drupal have new release 7.26. Any new features for Opigno ? Should we upgrade the drupal core ? Thanks

Opigno 1.4 includes Drupal 7

Opigno 1.4 includes Drupal 7.26. It has some minor bug fixes as well.

Attempted upgrade

Hi, We tried to upgrade this release yesterday and encountered this issue: https://drupal.org/node/2120421 We rolled our Opigno installation back, for now, but we're wondering if we should try to apply that patch to our own installation somehow, or wait for a new release, or something else?
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James Aparicio

Hi etahn.anderson,

Hi etahn.anderson, Do you mind reporting from what version to what version did you upgrade and how did you perform the upgrade? Best regards

Attempted upgrade

Hello James, I went from Drupal 7.23, Opigno 1.0-rc2 to Drupal 7.26, Opigno 1.5. I copied the files over the existing ones, reapplied the permissions, set upgradeable to TRUE in the settings file, and ran the upgrade.php page through a browser. Should I update along a less direct path between versions?

Hi Ethan.

Hi Ethan. Thanks for reporting this. One more question: did you use the Opigno LMS distribution, or did you download and install the Opigno components seperately ? Just so we can locate the issue faster. The Rules update did give us some headaches lately, but it seems we didn't catch all use-cases.

Attempted ugrade

Hello, I used the Opigno LMS distribution-- I upgraded the whole application at once in the same manner as one would do with Drupal, by replacing the site files, setting the upgrade flag, and going to the upgrade.php page.