Custom catalog

Hi Opigno-Team. I'm adding my own catalog to the frontpage because I want to show an overview of all available courses (no matter I'm subscribed to it or not). I try to understand the filter of the view (opigno_course_catalogue) you're using. Content: Nid (= 0) : filters if I'm subscribed to it or not. How do you do this ? Content: Group visibility ... : filters the visibility based on Organic Groups Content: Hide for anonymous users (or 0, 1) : ??? How is the first filter exactly working? Thanks for some help. Best Stephan
James Aparicio

Hi 23karat,

Hi 23karat, For the excluding the groups you are in, in the views query settings you will find "exclude_own_groups". The filtering is done in a query alter in opigno.module. For the "Hide for anonymous users" look in the opigno_og_access.module, you will find a query alter. Best regards James Aparicio

Thank you James. This helped

Thank you James. This helped me.