Custom action to email user certificate upon completion

Hi guys, I'm working on a custom action which emails a user their course/class completion certificate upon receipt. As far as I understand, as the certificate's already generated I just need to find the appropriate URL and send it to the user via email Do you have any advice on how to set this up? Thanks, Gavin

email certificates a great feature!

This would be a great feature enhancement many users will miss the fact that there are certificates.

Emailing certificates can be perceived also as a reward of achievement and also stronger confirmation that the course has been completed, which can be shared as evidence.


Do you have any plans for this or could you consider help creating a rule if possible, so we can create it our self / activate it in a future version when required?

There is a rule already for "
check user completed course" which shows the message on the site, which perhaps could be expanded by adding the action, but would think it probably requires coding for the logic to generate the certificate and email it.



Thanks for posting this, I also need to implement this feature. I'm wondering if you have an update for us on what it took, if you managed to get there? Thank you!