Create view similar to my-courses showing users passed

Hi, I would like to create a view similar to my-courses, where there is a filter for course categories. Once an user selects the appropriate course, I want to show students who meet particular criteria - for example who scored an A. I want the criteria to be customizable through a filter similar to course criteria. Any pointers on how I can implement this in code or through Menu will be nice? Also, I'm trying to understand how the my-courses view gets a course categories filter. Is it coded in opigno_class_app_views_pre_render and do I need a function similar to that? Also where are all the views defined in code? Thanks
James Aparicio

Hi mymockin,

Hi mymockin,

You can access the views at admin/structure/views.

First i would create a view that lists students for a group (received as a contextual filter) that meets that criteria you want. For that view i would create a custom filter 

You can check here:

Then you can choose to make that view a block and use it as a field inside the main course view.

Or you can just create a link for it in the main course view.

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