Cloud Implementation

Hi everyone, I have been testing your system and I have to say that it is starting to be the best lms out there!. I would like to know if there is a way to implement Opigno with a office suite like ZOHO where students would be able to upload their personal files in the cloud and be able to work from home or school inside Opigno. That would be a fantastic product what will put you in the top of the game. I think high school students demand some kind of cloud where to storage their files to avoid usb drives or school server folders. Thank you for your work, it is amazing.


Hi Thanks for your feedback. Here are the possibilities at the moment: - Opigno file tool may be slightly adapted to allow student storing personal data (if I understand well this is your need). Files would be downloaded locally, edited, and uploaded again. - An integration with Google Docs is possible using CAS Single-Sign-On, this is quite easy with Drupal CAS module I hope this can help you. Best regards,