Cart quantity restricted to one per item.

Hi all, While building my site with Opigno and Drupal, I came across a bizarre (at least to me) bit of coding. The Opigno Commerce module programmatically restricts the quantity per item to just one in the shopping cart. Here's the code (lines 319 to 321 of opigno_commerce.module) // Restrict quantity to 1. $form['edit_quantity'][$row->index]['#min'] = 1; $form['edit_quantity'][$row->index]['#max'] = 1; I have a shopping cart made with Commerce Cart Flyout which allows users to select any quantity. But because of this coding 'anomaly', they can't proceed beyond the shopping cart. Generally, this isn't a major issue as most customers will tend to buy just one training product. But there are some use cases - like corporate bulk buys - where customers need to purchase more than one access. For example, the company HR manager may purchase 20 accesses and then hand them out to employees over time. I'd like to know why this is, and if changing it will affect anything else. Many thanks for your help. TamB