Calendar and Events

Are there any plans to develop an event driven calendar. Our needs are as follows - the LMS is only part of the material for any given course, there is also a practical element where students and teachers meet to engage in training sessions in real world situations. (Navigation on mountains, First aid and CPR.and face to face discussions) It is therefore a requirement to set up events for course participants and/or a subset of course participants to meet in a classroom environment or in some other location. while this scheduling can be accomplished outside Opigno it would be very adventaeous to manage the outcome or the performance of each student by text report and/or awarding course marks directly in the system. In a majority of courses the final pass or fail is determined with performance at a practical assessment.rather than a quiz on it's own.. Ross


Hi Ross, Yes, it's possible to add events in the calendar. For this you have to go to the Administration and then click on "Notify students" in the "Student management" area. Then you can select the target audience (course, class), check the option "Add to calendar" and define start and end date for the event, and the event will be added to the calendar for all these people. To score some events non-quiz assessments, Opigno proposes at the moment a "Fileupload question" type, that allows users to upload a file (a report they have written for example). This report will then we manually scored by the teacher (or administrator). We can of course imagine another kind of quiz question, without any action required from the student, and allowing the teacher to give a score to the students (for example for their participation to an event). That would not be very complicated to add to Opigno. Does it answer your question? Don't hesitate to ask for further details.