BackEnd Entity Documentation?

Hi, I'm going through the backend, and I was wondering if you guys had more details on what each entityTypes are actually doing in Opigno? Do you guys have a DB schema or documentation which explains what each of them are doing? I'm looking at more details other than:… If not, would you guys be able to share what UserModuleStatus does exactly? Also, if one creates a new Activity Type, does he need to have a matching Answer type also? Thanks


Hi, pat. 1. UserModuleStatus entity (UML) This entity also is known as "Attempt" and used for storing current state "between" User and Module (as you can assume from the name of this entity). UML created every time when a user starts a Module from scratch. If a user finishes the last activity of the Module than UML is considering as a finished. So, every time when a user starts a module from scratch he begins a new "Attempt". Technically, this entity used for storing different info (about a state (or Status) between a user and started Module): score; the latest visited activity (for resuming); finishing time etc. 2. about Activity Type and Answer Type Only one thing is mandatory when you create a new Activity Type - you should implement special plugin 'ActivityAnswerPluginBase' which using for calculating score, build the results ect. Without this plugin your Activity Type will be useless. We recommend to you to create an Answer Type when you want to create a new Activity Type (you can find a lot of useful information about this in a subfolder "ActivityTypes" in Opigno module in your installed project)

Thank you very much Nikolay

Thank you very much Nikolay for answering this. I'll help me get things going as i need it. Regards, Pat