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Hi, I'm trying to find a way to show all the Quiz questions in a single page. I read about the this issue from and it seems that many people are interested to this feature.

I was able to implement patches to my test site which is using the 7.x-4.x-dev-version, but Opigno is using the 7.x-4.0-beta2-version, so the patches are not compatible.

Do you have plans to implement this feature to Opigno or do you have any suggestions how it could be done with some sort of "hack"? I tried to install the 7.x-4.x-dev-version to Opigno, but it crashed the whole site.

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James Aparicio

Hi major, Yes, installing 7.x-4.x-dev breaks Opigno for sure, we have are patching 7.x-4.0-beta2-version quite a bit on installing the distribution. Even if you know replace it with 7.x-4.0-beta2 some stuff stopped working for sure. Since now the module is not patched. If you did not back it up, and do not want to create a new instance of Opigno just to get the patched module, you can look at and apply the patches in sequence to the "virgin" version 7.x-4.0-beta2. Try patching the files one by one against our patched version, and manually change the code blocks that fail. Best regards

Hi James, yes, I was already able to put the site back online by copying the old version back, so no problem there. Are you considering/planning to modify the current version of Quiz app, to provide this feature of having multiple questions at one page? It would provide much more user-friendly approach to quizzes, in some cases.
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James Aparicio

Hi major, Currently there is to much risk for this to be unstable for Opigno. This may impact a couple of our patches/features. And also, not only the quiz module would require reworking, the og_quiz module would have to be redone as-well. Best regards

As per [here]( I get the impression that there is a quiz page module that does what is required now, and that it is quite stable already. Are there any plans to incorporate this, or has this ever been done elsewhere? Or else, is are there any known or expected issues with this?

Hi, First of all I want to thank you guys for building this amazing app. I'm using Opigno on one my projects and this is also one of my problem. I strongly suggest that this feature should be implemented immediately. Having this feature, student will be surely benefit especially in the country that has slow internet connection. Imagine if there is a 100 questions in one quiz, and a quiz has a time frame to answer all of those questions. Page loading will consume a lot of time to the student. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Hi, I'm working in a project that requires this feature, is there any way to do this? Can any one help me to get any solution? Thanks
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James Aparicio

H maxikoyok,

This is already possible with the H5P library "Collumn".

Best regards

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H maxikoyok, I see there is a library named Column (not CoLLumn) in: ./sites/default/files/h5p/libraries/H5P.Column-1.3 I am assuming that is what you meant? Would you please elaborate a little as to how to use this to create such quizzes? A library in itself just provides some basic building blocks, what do we need to do to have this feature? Or where can we read more about this? Thanks

We have made customization in the quiz module to create a review page before submitting the Quiz question and answers. It will give option to review his's answer before submitting the quiz.