adding "Resource Booking" module

Laurent PRAT


Is there any plan for Opigno to add a Ressoure Booking module in a near future, this would be use to book skype or WebEx training session.

There are plenty of such module, the cool would be to have some kind of billing associated.

Regards, Laurent.


Hi Laurent, Thanks for your feedback. How do you imagine this module? Simply to define a max. number of attendees for the virtual meeting, and to have thje possibility to sell access to this meeting? Do you imagine this booking only for virtual meetings? Best regards, Axel
Laurent PRAT

Hello Axel, Thanks for being so responsive. I think the basic need is "booking a teacher", from the outside - students view - it looks like a shared calendar. as a "ressource" can accept/decline/block hours, the students can see what time slots are still available. as it is "simple", first the students has to choose the "resource", so his or her regular teacher then book some hours. within the calendar view, students should be able to see their planned cours. ditto for the teachers, on a calendar view can see who and when. ideally teachers could append some data to the "booked resource slots": * comments, like : need bla bla to be done, reviewed..." * status : if the cours has been "cancelled"(+date would be nice) or actually "done". extra bit : a 'per user' filtered view for the teacher would be usefull to see at once all the cours - cancelled, done, booked - over a period, this view could be used for some kind of billing process. Many thanks best regards, Laurent.

Hi Laurent, Thanks for these additional explanations, I understand precisely what you mean. At the moment this kind of feature in not in our development roadmap. It would anyway not be a very big development to add it. There are 3 possibilities for you: - develop it yourself (you can post on this forum to get advices or assistance) - wait for it to be added into Opigno (the idea is nice, we will maybe add it in the future even if it is not at the moment in our development roadmap) - contact us to get a quote for a cutom development Best regards, Axel
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Can I also add that I am interested in this functionality? The class model that is being used is quite limited. With the ability to schedule sessions freely & integrate with a calendar as suggested here, you would cover a great deal more use cases.