Add a user in a class by importing a CSV file

Hi, I wanted to know if it is possible to associate a user to a group when adding and do not necessarily use the "Add multiple members" node/{ID} /group/mass-add. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Hi [email protected],

Hi [email protected],

Currently there is no place in Opigno where you can do it using the interface, but this is something that could be developed very easily.

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Bulk User Group Assignments

Anybody looked more into user groups for bulk assignments?


I have used Drupal Feeds

I have used Drupal Feeds module, which help me to import users quickly. Opigno import (out of the box) require a csv mapping at the time of import. The feeds module donot require that . Also you can assign a user to a group. Only thing I didn't see - assigning a group role at the time of import. But I thing that can be possible with a Rule.

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Hello if you would like a response for the version 8.x go to this link [] the link for download the extension is this []. Best regard, Fabio