Add external activity

Hello, I am trying to add external activity in Opigno and to send statements to an LRS. The problem is that this activity send statements directly to the LRS without using Opignio, even though I have an LRS linked to Opignio. I would like to know if there is a way to send statements to Opigno and then let Opigno sends statements to the LRS ? Thank you in advance.



Basically the statements related to what you are doing inside activities are always sent by the activities (TinCan packages).

But you need to configure LRS details in Opigno so that Opigno tells the activities where to send the statements. 

This is the classical scheme. Some (potentially heavy) changes would have to be done in the activities and in Opigno to operate differently.

Opigno sends additional statements to the LRS (for example when you finished a training, when you earned a badge, when you got a certificate).

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