New features:
- Possibility to configure default dashboard blocks
- Possibility to duplicate trainings, modules, and courses
Improvements and fixes:
- Fix issue blocking possibility to add modules in courses
- Private path for files is not mandatory to install Opigno
- Fixed issue LMSGetValue error when launching SCORM package
- Fixed issue Required Learning Paths not denying access to the group content
- Improved performance of navigation redirection
- Add a filter on activity bank by skill attached to activities
- Fixed issue with title of activity giving an error in some character sets
- Improvement of skill creation process
- Fixed error when no user exists for a result
- Fixed timeout and/or memory exhaustion occuring in some cases at step 5 of learning_path workflow
- Improvement of migration script from Opigno 1.x to Opigno 2.x related to Video module
- Fixed Error saving opigno_scorm_user_answer_results
- Fixed opigno_learning_path_get_student_managers() inefficient and sometimes results in fatal errors
- Fixed issue with mandatory checkbox not appearing sometimes in learning path manager
- Fixed Opigno search - Uncaught PHP Exception InvalidArgumentException