Opigno 1.19 will be released at the end of this month. This new version will integrate an implementation of Mozilla Open Badges. This will be a great opportunity to add fun to your online trainings, and enter into a gamification strategy.

The underlying concept consists in considering the student / learner as a player, the goal being to maximize the interaction level between the user and the content, to stimulate crowdsourcing, in other words rise interactions between users. The goal is also to improve the user experience, and maintain the users' motivation thanks to the challenge induced by the badges' gathering. This finally makes possible to retain users.

Making online trainings funny and pleasant has always been part of Opigno's ambition. Opigno's online edition tool already made possible to create many different content types, in particular a lot of quiz questions, videos, soundtracks played in coordination with the slides being viewed by the user. The compliance with SCORM 2004, that was integrated during the spring 2014, as well as the integration of H5P, made possible to create with Opigno even more interactive and more creative contents. Today, the integration of Mozilla Open Badges makes possible to create funny and interactive learning paths.

A reward system allowing to gain points, gifts, or badges will create a positive competition spirit between users, and will make possible to raise their motivation during their full learning process.

Badges will be very easy to create, simply by filling in four fields : the name, an image, a description, and the criteria to be reached to get the badge. It will be possible to add badges related to the completion of a course or a class. Users will also have the possibility to automatically have the badges synchronized with their Mozilla backpack, making possible to share them with multiple sites.