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Please, better graphical design !!!

Lots of functionality.. but the graphical template really suck !

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Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for your feedback.

Opigno was developed considering that each user would adapt (or create) his own graphical theme, like for any Drupal website. So we created a "functional" theme and concentrated on the features.

But you're prefectly right, we know it would be valuable for Opigno community to provide some nice default templates. We have it in our roadmap, with a high priority, and it should be available soon.

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+1 for me... Being new to

+1 for me... Being new to Opigno and like the features BUT better templates would be great. Having something good under the hood but if the surface is not appealing people may stray away and never give it a chance.

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I know this comes over a year late...

The decisive factor my colleague and I chose Opigno LMS is exactly the nice design along with all the functionality. The nice thing is how customizable it is.

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Default homepage slider

I agree, the Platon theme is responsive but I had a problem with the slick.js slider on the "Use a different homepage for anonymous users". I like the idea of a pretty homepage but the way the slider is set up (no navigation, no ability to change the default height, no pause on hover etc) is a bit of a pain. You can manually hack the files at : profiles/opigno_lms/themes/platon/js but I assume any changes will be overwritten on next update. By changing : adaptiveHeight: true in slick.js, I was at least able to get a bit more text in the visible area. What would be nice would be to get the Slick UI ?