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Default User Roles and Functionalities of each role

I am a new user to Opingo, but I am not new to Drupal programming. My questions are: (Please answer them in order.)
1. With the most recent update, there are no default Coach, Teacher, and Student roles. When I add these roles using admin/people what permissions should I use?
2. What are the default functionalities of the each user role?
3. In our school, we have a course developer. His job is to develop the course. He will not grade nor evaluate. What role should he be assigned?
4. We have Professors who will want to developer their own course. They will need to review and grade their students work. What role should the professor be assigned? What permissions need to be set?
5. What is the proper way for a professor to set up a course with lessons, and only be able to view: His courses. His students in that course. His students work. And grade their work?
6. Is there a template to make the student dashboard more user friendly?
6a. What students need to see is: Their Professor, Their classes, Their finished, Their unfinished assignments, Their classmates. Calendar.

6b. What Professors need to see is: Their students. The assignments the students completed. The assignments the professor needs to grade. calendar.
See screen shot wireframe. https://app.box.com/s/ffasul36177q63iwgcgag1tl4n3w9en2