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Johnny Flores
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I noticed the cloud does not accept the user to install any modules. I needed the capability to create quizzes with math symbols, previously I used Blue Host and did my own installation with a Math Jax module installed. My traffic increased and shared hosting is no longed a good option. I copied my database and my site files and in mu local host for the future. Now, am looking for a solution for site and I noticed the Opigno Cloud could work but the there is no capability of MATH Symbols since there is no mathjax installed. Is there a solution for this problem? am a Calculus teacher at Dallas ISD a would love to have a solution for this.



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Hello Johnny,

Hello Johnny,

It's possible to install additional modules with the Corporate plan of Opigno cloud.

Feel free to directly contact us (through the contact form on our website) in case you would like to discuss more individually how the Opigno cloud solution may fit your needs.

Best regards,