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Information for price and modality

Hello, im very interested to your services. I will give 3 training course during the year to 15 students each course. In this course i need to upload some video to display in streaming to the students and just some office document. at the end of the video, the students answer a quiz and than, can pass to the other video. Does Opigno provide these kind of services? Can you advise me wich is the best offer for my needs? Cloud or client version? wich price? thank you very much,


James Aparicio
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Hi michaelsurace,

Hi michaelsurace,

Yes, this is possible with Opigno.

You can find the anwer here. https://www.opigno.org/en/professional-services/cloud-hosting, with details regarding the price, number of users and max upload for the videos.

Best regards