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Does Platon not format Field Name and Values, or am I missing something?
The Form entry for Drupal Content and Opigno content looks great, but wherever Fields are added, the result is an unformatted list of names/values. Drupal Content renders as an unformatted list, and so do fields in Opigno content.

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Content is unusable for me

Content is unusable for me with unformatted field labels/content. Can anyone offer suggestions/an approach? Been working with Drupal for years, but am not a developer.
At minimum, I would just like Content fields to display so that a Field Label is Hx, Strong, and/or Colored, anything, other than plain text in a blob...
At present, Content fields (label/content) render like this:

No one can figure what is a label versus content...
1 - I have lots of field extensive content.
2 - Tried Display Suite but it has no effect on field display styles, and Platon does not support Drupal Inline field display styles (OK for now I guess)
3- I can create a subtheme, but what to do next has quickly became a wall for me as Platon seems very complex, other theme tutorials, etc. are not helping me (though I am learning...), and this is clearly beyond my limited skill set.

I'm pursuing engagement of development resource, but time... money... (and vendors want bigger jobs... ) hoping someone can offer a quick "do this" solution for now while I sort through this. Thanks in advance...

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