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Diferencies between Course and Class

I don't understand how to create a course and class.

this is the situation: the students from Fisrt year of nursery

career: nursery course1: m103 (morning shift, room 103) course2: l103 (late shift, room 103)

subjects: -math1 -biology1 -it1

how I will to create them?

I have create the training -nursery-, and later?

for the lessons, quiz, theory for each subjects that is inside in course.

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Diferencies between Course and Class

It doesn't look like anyone has answered trasheddy's question, so I thought I'd mention that I also find the steps awkward. I create a course, add lessons, and then go back to the course and make the lessons required for the course. Then I create the class and add the courses. Is there a better way?

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Hi TraxerID,

Hi TraxerID,

The process you describe is correct.

I agree that it's not the most straightforward, this is something that we greatly improved in Opigno 2.x