Working on course with lots of data, end of module, lots of "0 of 10" results.


I imagine I may be doing things incorrectly. I am brand new to all this. But I'm trying to set up a basic course to send to a group of people.

The way it's constructed is a module (may break it out into more since you cannot reorder activities) that includes multiple activities with mostly information, no interactive elements, like; h5p columns, course presentations, dialog cards, etc. The whole module is supposed to have zero grading effectively. You're just going through the information so you can take a quiz at the end (which is in a separate module).

But at the end, a handful of activities that shouldn't be grading because I don't care if they say the wrong thing, I just want them to get the information. And a bunch of activities (because it was the only way I could figure out how to add content that wasn't just text) that are just a "slide deck" or a column with multiple blocks of info (in some case, a single slide from a presentation) all try to have scoring. And the end result is multiple activities, with only a few having any score other than zero, and the ones that are 10 of 10 (if I intentionally answer them all correctly) means the module is basically like a fail.

How do I rectify this? How is there no way to add content without forcing a score? The only thing I can think of is to add a big button at the end to effectively say, "I read this, give me my points."

Please help. I feel like I missed a giant section of information at the beginning of my journey since I don't even see a lot of similar questions while searching.


I've seen a few things that reference changing things like the max score. I'm not sure what they're talking about. Ive seen a couple references in things like quiz questions or true/false about score. But a lot of things don't even reference scores. The further down the rabbit hole I'm going, the more confused I'm getting. For example the documentation mentions editing a max score in a module. There is no reference to max score when I edit a module. Nor when I edit an activity.

Man, no one has any clues? How about this? The demo literally has modified numbers for the max score. Where are those set? The only thing I see in there I'm not actively using is skills. So I started looking into that. Doesn't seem to affect anything.

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Exactly in the interface you showed. You can alter those values in that interface. There is no submit button it saves automatically via ajax.


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Thanks for the response @admin. For some reason I didn't get a notification for this and Friday afternoon I stumbled across [another post with the answer]( I can't believe I missed it. Though it would likely help if it didn't blend in and had something to denote that the field _is_ a field. It reminds me of when iOS (was it 8?) went all flat with their design and a lot of buttons and other interface elements blended in and it was difficult to discern what was just text and what was interactive. On the plus side, this solved my biggest issue (scoring documentation so you don't get negatively impacted) and just in time things should be good for deployment. Thanks again!