Course / quiz Date time error

Whenever I edit a course I receive a number of these errors in the logs: Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in _quiz_date() (line 90 of /var/app/current/profiles/opigno_lms/modules/contrib/quiz/ I can't see any date or time fields that have non numeric characters in. Any ideas?



This is not an error, but a warning. So there is nothing worrying, this doesn't impact the proper functioning of your Opigno instance.

To fix that warning there is most probably just a check to add in the source code of quiz module (this is a contrib module).

The date field that most probably gives this warning is the availability date (you can define availability dates in  quizzes).


Thanks for the reply. Do you

Thanks for the reply. Do you happen to have an exmple of code I could go from as our main dev is unavailble at the moment and it's filling up our logs. No worries if not. Regards

Same issue for quiz warning

Which code use for solve this warning please help me