Opigno Sample Sites

I'm new to Opigno and would like to see some live sample sites. Thought it would be a good idea to showcase how Opigno is being used.

Tracking this to see if you have better success than I

Ev - I was (and still am) seeking the same thing. I was not successful when I posted a similar question, in finding some sites using Opigno out there int he wild to review and assess.

Hey thanks for reply and

Hey thanks for reply and update... Hopefully, someone from Opigno can share the search term they used that showed plenty of the results for sites using Opigno.... How are you using it? I'm new to it and eager to get some feedback from real users.


@Ev ( below) Should have read tba (to be advised). I did briefly list one site - an Australian government website. However, it was one of a number of website using opigno that Alex Minck had sent me -- I removed it, pending advice from Alex as to whether it could be referenced. Can I suggest you contact Alex, and ask him directly? I've subsequently noticed on another thread that they don't publicly list any sites, as they've not received permission to do so (which confirmed my earlier decision to remove the reference). Hope this explains. I would like to see a list of sites, as that can help expedite development of one's own site, insofar as (studies have found) the fastest way to learn is by way of example.

@stephen-opigno, what is "tna

@stephen-opigno, what is "tna" ?

Ok Stephen thanks for the

Ok Stephen thanks for the info... Just a bit baffled by what the top secrecy is for listing education type site that's on the internet. But, understood thanks...

first priority

I understand and respect their approach -- first priority for any business is their (paying) customers. In that regard Opigno (company providing Opigno) ought best to not publicly share which sites are using opigno, unless said customers wish for them to do so, or at least are not concerned should they do so. Either way would require their consent. That said, I'm sure opigno sites can be searched and found on the net ... (e.g. install your own opigno, and look at the html source and see what is unique to an opigno site, and search on that)

Just do google search for the

Just do google search for the text at the bottom of an opigno site: Opigno LMS 1.26.0 change the version number to see some older ones.

My Sample Site

http://raunders.com I checked out several similar types of software before deciding on Opigno, and have found it a learning curve but not too steep. This site is new, so there may still be a few small issues, and it only has two courses on at the moment although we are currently working on another two. You will not be able to view too much as a site visitor, but you are welcome to register on the site even if you have no interest in doing our free introductory course as it will give you greater access, and will give you a better view of the site from a registered visitor point of view.