Interactive video problem in H5P course presentation module



I posted this on the H5P forum yesterday:

"I have noticed a problem with interactive videos in the course presentation module. When you load the presentation the video controls will not appear. Nothing happens unless you click the more information icon, then the video will immediately play. This does not appear to happen immediately but after it has been saved for a day."

Here is the response:

Please advise when it will be possible to update the H5P modules. Thanks.

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Hi James I can't get it to update (h5p does not come up in the usual update list) and I can't get it to install from the drupal url as it says h5p is already installed. I have tried upgrades.h5p and libraries.h5p in the h5p admin area and get the version 1.5 required issue. Best regards
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James Aparicio

Hi bevangg,

Download latest version of the module, replace the folder in the modules folder and after run yoursite/update.php.

One thing is to update the module, another is to update the libraries. The latest libraries require a newer version of the module.

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Hi James All done and now working fine (so far)! Thanks for the help. Best regards

Please i am new .... how i can update h5p library from version 1.16 to version 1.18 Thanks