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Hi I have a question on a course that I would like to know how best to set up in Opigno. I would like to run a course that has a 30 day duration. It is like a practical course once the theory course is done and each day there will be a set of activities that the student has to do (in the real world) and then confirm within Opigno that they have completed. The student should be allowed to configure which other students can see the results of whether they have completed their activities for the day (the other student can see the detail of which activities have or haven't been completed). The activities for each day can differ between days The student taking the 30 day course should be able to see on each day what their % complete is compared to the class average on a per day and cumulative days to date basis and see a graph of that information In terms of an approach, I was thinking to set up a course that has 30 quizzes in it. Then I can set up the activities for that day as questions in the quiz. Perhaps then can use some quiz statistics to get the metrics and then some how use permissions to share results of one students quiz with another. Hope that makes sense and is something of interest. Would be fantastic to have your expert view on how this can be done! Many Thanks Scott

Hi Scott. That is a very

Hi Scott. That is a very interesting idea. Currently, the whole setup prevents results from being shareable, but it would't require that much work to show certain results in different contexts. If you are familiar with Drupal and Views, I would start playing around with that (many things in Opigno are Views). I'll discuss this with the co-maintainers. This might be a feature we could add to the app store. I really like the idea.

Great thanks, yes I think it

Great thanks, yes I think it would be a great motivator for one student to compare their progress against the class and against others. Very much hoping you will be able to make it available as I would struggle to do it! Thanks Scott

It's on our todo-list, but we

It's on our todo-list, but we haven't started on it just yet. We will announce it via our Twitter account when the time comes.

Hi Wadmiraal

Hi Wadmiraal Hope you are well. I'm just coming back to this question again and wondered if you have any suggestions on how best to 'fit' this behaviour into Opigno or whether it is something that is on the roadmap? I saw a few items on the roadmap that may be related like 'Link lesson to calendar (for exam)' and Organic Groups but suspect what I am asking for is a little advanced/bespoke! :-) Just to recap, In terms of high level requirements I need to be able to: 1)schedule and track a set of daily/weekly/monthly practical activities that are designed to habituate behaviour relating to the course theory. For example If I had a fitness course, to support this fitness course I would like the students to complete a number of daily physical activities 'offline' such as a daily run, weekly gym visit etc. 2)I would like to have a bespoke schedule (e.g. 30 days, probably set up as a "30 Day Challenge" course itself) for each student (each student's 30 day's could start at a different time, but what they have to do is the same on each day), where each student can confirm they have completed the daily activity. The daily activities would have some text content and probably an associated audio or video file. 3)As a part of this I would like to be able to show each day's activities in the Calendar that are required to be completed within the course "30 day Challenge", allow the user to tick them off as completed and also send reminders on a daily basis to the students that they need to do these activities. 4) And finally I would be the ability to share progress/results with friends so they can see if you have been doing your daily activities each day and support and encourage you. Many Thanks in advance! Scott


Hi I've been putting a bit more thought into this... one way of structuring it that might work is to create 'drip feed' functionality described here on a wordpress LMS http://www.learndash.com/drip-feed-schedule-your-lessons/ If Opigno had that then I could create a Course called "30 Day Challenge" then create Lessons called Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc then I could set these Lessons to start 1, 2 and 3 days respectively after the course start date. Each lesson would then have the list of activities (as questions) in the lesson that need to be completed that day. Would this be possible, perhaps the Drupal Scheduler module could be used to do the "Drip feed"? I would need to be able to add each activity (question) in the lesson to the Calendar and notifications sent out at the activity level rather than lesson level, as well as allowing the progress to be shared with friends. Thanks! Scott
James Aparicio

Hi Scot,

Hi Scot, It is currently possible for you to create a course and set it unpublished. Imagine that you want to start the "30 day challenge" next month. You would create 30 lessons and on each of them you would check the "availability option" to be available only for their individual day. Once the first day of the month comes, you simply publish the course. This is what you can do at the moment, the availability option for lessons is already implemented. What is currently not possible is to set the availability option to be relative to the start/creation of the course(+1day,+2days etc). Also is not possible for that relative date to be at the user level, for example if you have the course up. and one user starts on the 2d day of the month, he would have to skip the first day. That information currently is at the course/lesson level and not at the user membership level. This is something very specific and we do not plan to add this to Opigno. But if you want we can develop something custom for you. Best regards

thanks James, will discuss

thanks James, will discuss offline with you on developing this for my project. I've sent an email via your professional services contact form so hopefully someone will get back to me on that. Thanks Scott