Rich training material for LMS with the H5P plugin

How to improve the interactivity of your training courses?
Opigno LMS will include in its following versions the H5P plugin. It’s a module that allows the easy creation of some interactive contents in order to enrich your training courses’ platform.
The aim of the e-Learning, just as Mooc, Cooc, Spocs and other new e-Learning platforms which integrate a lot the digital data in their training management, is to increase the success rate. 
A dynamic and rich content
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The module H5P is based on the HTML5 web technology so that you can very easily create, share and reuse the content using a web browser. 
The purpose is to allow the creation of a more dynamic and convivial trainings than using a Powerpoint or a PDF. 
Furthermore, you can get new teaching opportunities depending on your target audience and according to your Digital Learning Policy. With this content, the learner will adopt an active behavior in his training. It will give him the desire to achieve his goals and to get involved in the exercices. The authors can create and publish some videos, interactive presentations and memory games …etc, online. 
Finally, this format allows to reinvent the educational pathway through to the broadcast of small contents like interactive videos, memory games or images and hotspots…etc, a way to reduce the amount of time spent on the plateform, to suppress the long documentation to read before the first tests and therfore, to increase the feedbacks and the quality of reporting.
A free technology
Just like Opigno, H5P is an open-source technology released under MIT licence. On the website,, there are tutorials and some documentation available for the users interested to join the community. 
H5P allows rich, creative, interactive and more effective web experiences than other proprietary softwares, a good alternative for the creation of multimedia content.